Enabling Direct

Color Customization

Division of artisJet Next

High value-added color printing system solutions
We are a division of artisJet providing digital direct to substrate printing solutions aiming at introducing the cutting-edge printing technology to people's daily life by integrating the printing hardware, printing software and APP software with the latest new retailing channels for brand stores and their marketing houses.
With the full solution, we are enabling the color customization / personalization to be more interactive during the whole process.
Benefiting from the latest technology and practical project implement experience, we have been serving different industries from beauty brands, mobile operating brands, and special coverage.
Latest Direct to Substrate Print Technology
artisJet offers its own product line and integrated printing system and solutions
Optimizing the Printing Technology
Combining tech innovation and equipment with advantages in the global market competition
artisJet Team Experience & Knowledge
Over 15 years of dedication to color personalization printing, serving brand groups and global companies

How can we enhance your brand?

Make the differences via customization print directly onto your products
artisJet Printing Systems is here to help you transform your store into a SIGNATURE STORE. How is that?
Build your own personalization customized print smart stores through innovative color information technology to promote the development and transformation of enterprises, and provide consumers with a higher shopping experience, and enhance their loyalty to the brand.
From easy in-store printing setup, re-known beauty and make-up brands, as well as other industries, increased their level of interaction with their loyal customers, but also with new customers, drawn by the idea of in-store personalization, not just online personalization, with artisJet digital custom 3D printing technology systems.
The artisJet full personalization printing systems setup within their shopping mall and store locations brought attention to a wide range of customers in search of fully customized products.